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FMC.InterGreatfunctionality extension platform integrated into bank's infrastructure

FMC.InterGreat is an enterprise-level platform that operates parallel to bank's core system and interfaces with it. Seamless integration enables FMC.InterGreat to either expand existing functionalities of the core system or to add the new ones.

Besides reducing costs and risks, FMC.InterGreat also increases value of the existing systems as well reduces time-to-market when introducing new products, increasing bank’s overall competitiveness and ability to respond to change in market trends.


FMC.InterGreat architecture and the state-of-the-art technology provide greater flexibility, faster development and higher interoperability with other systems and services while reducing the risks and total cost of such endeavors. FMC.InterGreat also provides single point of entry for any third-party system to the bank's core, lowering the cost of integration by providing industry-standard interface regardless of the original interoperability capabilities of the bank's core system.

Broad usability

FMC.InterGreat is a modern software system that provides high level of interoperability and true integration between various systems and technologies.

FMC.InterGreat implements SOA through usage of Web Services and Windows Communication Foundation (WCF). SOA approach enables FMC.InterGreat to offer all functionalities to all 3rd-party applications/systems simultaneously.



Modularity and extensions

Modularly designed and utilizing the latest technologies available, FMC.InterGreat allows full interconnectivity between Bank’s internal systems, including (but not limited to): core, general ledger, reporting, swift, transaction, custody, treasury, legal, and payment and document management systems.

Expand the functionality and add value to your core system – use FMC.InterGreat.

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