FMC.adWisean enterprise advisory system for retail banking

FMC.adWise is an enterprise advisory system for retail banking. FMC.adWise offers rich financial analysis of various indicators of bank clients and serves as an advisory tool for branch personnel. The system guide advisors through the consultation (financial planning) process, taking into account the client’s needs and wishes, to offer them just the information and bank products they need.

Make the Client advisory process simple, fast and efficient with FMC.adWise.

Everything in one place

Through integration with bank systems (CORE, trading, CRM, etc.), it collects and processes relevant data, to offer results in a simple yet comprehensive interface, enabling the user to recognize trends and generate relevant advice in the most intuitive way possible. It offers a single point of view regarding all client assets and liabilities, including cash accounts, deposits, securities, funds, loans, etc.

Powerful reporting options with exporting to various electronic formats, risk classification management, configurable profiles and product selling workflow, is all included in this modern utility.

Manager’s view

FMC.adWise for management users shows executive users all the relevant information concerning bank employee performance over their Clients’ current status and business, through fees charged to the Client and products the employee introduces to the Client.

Data can be grouped and aggregated to the desired level and then drilled-down to specific detail. Data are represented both numerically and graphically, and are available for printout and/or saving to digital format. FMC.adWise reporting features can also be automated, and can deliver reports when and where you need them.

Complete Integration

All this would not be possible without modern technologies utilized in the FMC.adWise integration modules. With scheduled or real-time synchronization, data import from the Bank’s data centres is optimized for fast analysis and efficient use where it is most needed – in interactions with Clients.

FMC.adWise is easily integrated in the Bank’s intranet and security system, and its one-point administration is just another great feature.