FMC.Agentsmulti-level sales management system

FMC.Agents is a complete solution to manage your sales network and even the most complex multi-level hierarchical structures, with support for calculations of sales performance, sales fees and bonuses, and taxes.

The solution manages not only internal sales networks, but also external partner sales agencies and their agent hierarchy. Reduce your paperwork and hours in complex agent fee calculations, and let FMC.Agents do the work for you.

Full customization

With support for all standard SWIFT messages, FMC.Swift automatically handles export/import of incoming, outgoin

FMC.Agents tracks all contracts and contract templates, agent hierarchies, subscription fee distributions at different agent levels (support for multi-level fee distribution), individual and summary settlements of accounts, and automated generation of payment orders, in both electronic and paper form.

It also enables many advanced features, such as the ability to grant bonuses to agents in line with specific criteria, suggestions for list of agents who qualify for promotion on the agent hierarchy (according to user customizable criteria), and more.

Automatic bookings and payment instructions

Its powerful automation engine covers all daily, monthly and annually bookings, with options for daily or real-time export to other general ledger systems.

It can also generate payment instructions to cover fees towards individual or company agents. These instructions are sent in bulk to the payment system with no need for individual manual intervention, including a full transmission audit.

With this application, sales network management seems so easy!

Web for agents and security

Through FMC.WebPortal Agents, it enables direct personal data updates, personalized reports and calculations and realized and pending payment info through encrypted data and high-grade 128-bit SSL communication.

Modularly designed and utilizing the latest technologies available, FMC.Agents supports full integration with the Client’s internal systems, including domain systems, where all security is managed centrally.