FMC.Audita detailed audit trail for all applications based on an FMC platform

FMC.Audit is a detailed audit trail application that provides audit tracking events in any product from FMC product lines. It traces each activity through the FMC System, and logs it with complete information: date and time, system where the transaction occurred, user responsible for the transaction, and both the old and new data version.

There is simply no more detailed audit system than this.

Audit trail

FMC.Audit tracks data changes (input, edits, deletes), imports, exports; and data views, with permanent storage of:

It also monitors special events that pose a particular risk in the business of a financial, legal or reputational nature. Such special events can be monitored and forwarded to authorized personnel, to ensure that nothing of importance passes undetected.

Data review and statistics

Audit logs are reviewed via the user interface that enables searching, sorting and grouping of data and visually highlights added / modified / deleted data. The search is empowered by a range of search criteria types.

You can also review statistics of audit records (number of records, number of records per system, number of entries per user, etc...).

Each record is signed digitally, thereby ensuring its existence.



Automatic notifications

With its support for automatic e-mail notification to a predefined e-mail address, you can be certain that all important (business or technical) events are monitored accordingly.

Audit systems have become an important element of corporate governance and are an indicator of adequate care management for business. Let us take care of your business.