FMC.BIdata warehousing and business intelligence

FMC.BI is a modern analytical system that enables you to utilize your data and develop the most efficient course towards your strategic goals.

Your data is prepared and modelled for extensive analysis, and in this state can be reviewed from all angles and presented in various graphical and numerical ways. Now you can spot various trends immediately and make informed business decisions, with less need for speculation and risk.

Meet your Clients

Find out all you can about your Clients and their financial preferences. Learn fast with clear visual representation in different graphical views (Pivot Charts, Pivot Tables, Decomposition trees, Drill down analysis, etc...). Utilize the simple navigation when choosing analysis parameters to quickly create new reports.

Create and save your report templates. Next time you open the report, simply refresh the data, while the visual presentations (charts, grouping, data relations) remain the same.

Find your direction

What it the current investment trend? Do your Clients prefer saving schemes over investments into securities? Where are you making profit? Which department is having the best quarter, and why?

We can extract, load, and unite data from your heterogeneous internal systems and prepare FMC.BI to answer your questions. Moreover, it can also automatically notify you if certain performance indicators are off the limits.


In utilizing the latest technologies, FMC.BI allows for maximum flexibility and fast integration with existing banking systems, including (but not limited to): core, general ledger, reporting, CRM, front and back office systems.

Have fresh reports ready and waiting every morning with FMC.BI report automation.