FMC.Billingan automated, multi-language billing system

FMC.Billing is a flexible and customizable tool you can use to automatically calculate and prepare Client invoices, all ready to be exported in a variety of formats. As a special module, when included as part of the existing FMC system, it relies on Client data and fee definitions to prepare billing documents with the simple click of a button.

No more deprecated and complicated Excel worksheets, and hours of calculations and preparations. FMC.Billing can replace this all with ease and allow your resources to handle other work.

Fully flexible fee definitions

You can define virtually any fee definition according to different parameter combinations: the Client, region of investment (custom setup), investment type, transaction type, service type, fee type (fixed or variable depending on other parameters), fee distribution (one-time or distributed across a time period), taxable and non-taxable fees, currency, minimum amounts, and more.

Automatic bill calculation and generation

After all static codes and fee definitions are set in FMC.Billing; all you need to do is use it. Have your invoices calculated and ready for sending/printout in daily, monthly, quarterly or any other custom time interval, depending on the contract signed with the Client.

Just select the Client, the interval and several additional invoicing options and confirm – all fees are automatically calculated and prepared for printout and/or export/synchronization to another data system.

Comprehensive Invoice formats

In addition to the standard PDF format, invoices can be exported into any custom format as required: Word, RTF, CSV, Excel, XML, and with any additional data needed. They can also be automatically propagated towards payment, general ledger, data warehouse, CRM or any other system where needed. For example, if you wish the generated and confirmed invoices to be booked in the General Ledger, FMC.Billing can add any static/analytic data and prepare it for booking. It is that simple!