FMC.CallCentercall center support for open-end and pension fund management companies

FMC.CallCenter is an integrated complete system for Call Center management. Used as an additional module to the existing FMC system, or as an integration application (connected to your data systems), it is used by sales channels that communicate with your Clients via telephone calls or (e-mail) mail messages.

Designed with a simple and intuitive interface, it has a very short learning curve, and is thus immune to frequent personnel fluctuations.

Task overview and assignment administration

Sales Managers can see, add, search or view the scheduled tasks, together with a display of their percent completeness. They can also re-route assigned tasks from one operator to another as required.

Depending on the task type, FMC.CallCenter can prepare various data exports. For example, if a mail merge task is created (and usually assigned to one operator), FMC.CallCenter will prepare a database to be used as a data source for Mail Merge letters.

Easy operation

Tasks are sorted by priority and assignment date. Each task implicitly contains a list of Clients to be contacted in a certain way (given the terms of reference by the Sales Manager).

The operator can open a Client detail form and start a task (phone call, etc.). At any time, the operator can temporarily pause task execution (for example, if they need to report to another member or perform another task), and continue it later. When they mark the task as complete (successfully or not), they can also add additional comments for further notice.

Integration and security

Supported by modern technologies, FMC.CallCenter can fully integrate into your data environment, including (but not limited to): core, general ledger, reporting or other data systems.

With its domain security setup options, in can easily conform to your security standards.