FMC.ContractManager is a modern contract management solution that simplifies the contract lifecycle process by all means possible, while allowing custom constraints that minimize error possibilities.

The contract creation process is clear and understandable, with all the needed tasks in the primary focus, while also bringing up all other information with the click of a mouse. The new contract data 'travels' among departments depending on the current status and further needed actions. Each officer in each department has a clear and adjustable view of tasks and notifications on hand, grouped by stages and task types.

Contract building blocks

A supervisor can view all department tasks and can take the necessary actions for each. Once an action on the task is completed, it travels to the next department and so on, until the contract is finished, or cancelled.

The application allows for a detailed security setup so that each department (or group of users) is authorized for a specific step in the contract lifecycle. For example, one group of users (legal) creates versions of the contract template through a combination of basic contract building blocks (contract articles).

Automated contract flow

The second group creates new cases and assigns them to contract officers, while maintaining a complete overview over their current statuses. Cases automatically appear in the contract officer’s workspace, with clear indications of the next steps to be taken, how the case should be processed and within what timeframe.

Each case is assigned its own calendar and key date notifications, so the manager can track case processing and re-assign cases to other officers if needed. During negotiations with the Client, the contract officer can amend specific details within contracts (propose a new version of the contract), which automatically sends the contract through the approval process to the corresponding department.

Optimized and efficient

The application is packed with helper tools (i.e. fast document comparison, colour coding, notifications, personal calendars, etc.), and completely optimized for a fast and efficient contract management process.

Take your contract management processing to a new level and leave time- and resource-consuming practices behind. Let FMC.ContractManager take over and introduce new values to your key business procedures.