FMC.CRMcustomer relation management system

FMC.CRM is an enterprise customer relation management system designed to support continuous development of collaborative, cooperative and profitable long-term relationships with Clients.

Extracting valid, understandable knowledge from Client data, it is possible to determine their distinctive preferences and expectations and to prepare tailored campaigns and offers, resulting in new Clients and increasing their value.

FMC.CRM supports an expanding spectrum of business intelligence analyses, in addition to prediction and modelling methods, along with a wide range of reporting and data charting options.

Strategic campaigns and response tracking

FMC.CRM prepares accurate insight into the Clients’ behaviour and portfolio value, so attention can be focused on expanding account relationships through individualized marketing, repricing, cross-selling, discretionary decision-making and customized service offers - all delivered through the sales channels the Bank uses.

FMC.CRM supports preparation of targeted strategies and campaigns, measures campaign responses and includes response results in future campaign planning.

Complete integration and added value

FMC.CRM integrates with bank systems, and models imported data for extensive analysis so it can be reviewed from all angles and presented in different graphical and numerical ways. Now various trends can be spotted immediately, allowing for informed business decisions.

FMC.CRM also supports additional Client communication channels through e-banking, where Client can enter requests, fill-out surveys and search for a tailored product through a simple and optimized interactive advisory solution.

Efficiency, optimization and results

FMC.CRM delivers for better customer service, more efficiency in sales channels, optimized and simplified marketing and sales processes, effective cross-selling, introduction to new Clients and increase in Client revenues.

Management of Client relationships is critical to the company’s long-term success. Don’t leave this to chance; instead, take advantage of the power and flexibility of FMC.CRM to increase your profitability, productivity and performance.