FMC.DataCardsan information management system designed for fast data viewing

FMC.DataCards is a fully scalable modular extension to FMC systems with object-oriented data view concept. It allows you to gather all relevant information about one object in one place. With its flexible design, it can easily be expanded with additional information and new object types.

It is most useful as a tool for your data analyst, who can collect and analyse all data describing a particular entity (Client, Security, product, etc...).

Full administration

FMC.DataCards allows several user groups. Administrators can add additional features for other users such as new reporting modules, report grouping (folders and subfolders), report layout, etc.

Each user can also use fully customized sorting, grouping, column order and visibility options in each report (data view).

Each customized data result can be exported to your spreadsheet application and further analysed or re-arranged and graphically represented with spreadsheet charts. Reporting really can be that simple.

Flexible analysis

Together with basic data you can include additional, custom calculations such as (in financial security data): various averages, price changes, peaks, and its spread over Client’s portfolios, their realized and unrealized profit/loss, etc. Any calculation that can be performed on existing data can be added to the object’s DataCard.

Also, by selecting the Client’s DataCard, it is possible to view all their data in one place: portfolio value, its structure, transaction data, profit/loss calculations, contracts, call center communication history, and anything else your systems have for the Client.


With its integrated authorization system, FMC.DataCards easily conforms to your corporate security standards.

With its modular design and implementation of the latest technologies, FMC.DataCards supports full integration with bank internal systems, including (but not limited to): core, general ledger, reporting, payment, and CRM and document management systems.