FMC.Deposita comprehensive business solution for bank deposits

FMC.Deposit is an enterprise-level system that provides flexibility to support all kinds of deposit-based products. FMC.Deposit integrates with existing bank systems and provides the ability to adjust workflows in a time-effective and cost-efficient way.

FMC.Deposit exposes the provided functionalities to third-party solutions, such as e-banking and m-banking, reducing time-to-market when introducing new deposit-based products.

Simple and fast to use

FMC.Deposit improves workflows in the front-office, especially in decreasing the learning curve, decreasing manual labour, strengthening alternate direct sales channels (e-banking, m-banking), reducing the number of helper tools and centralized client document printouts. It also greatly facilitates inter-department collaboration and improves control of sensitive data and activities, which is particularly important when processing complex products.

Besides superb usability, it also enables client document printouts, incorporates pricing tools, handles requests/approvals for preferred rates through the system instead of e-mails, and so on.

All Client data in one place

At the user interface level, the new system simplifies the process by gathering all the relevant data from the bank’s systems and filtering it to display only relevant information, making it easier and faster for branch offices to process the activity. Automated data validation and guidance through individual process also decreases operational risk and improves processing speed.

With the addition of common task automation (e.g. deposit amendment/cancelation), FMC.Deposit not only greatly accelerates such processes, but also enables these activities to be performed directly by clients through e-banking or m-banking.

Integration and extensions

FMC.Deposit is a modern, service-based, agile, modular, customizable and flexible solution, providing maximum automation of business processes and interoperability with existing systems using modern technologies. Developed as a modern software system, FMC.Deposit provides a high level of interoperability and true integration between various systems and technologies, allowing new modules to be developed. These add new value by adding new functionalities, while also adding new value to existing systems.