FMC.DocumentManagement is an enterprise document management system that serves as a central document repository. Packed with features such as full text search, digital signing with user personal certificates, full audit log and reporting options, it contains everything you might need from a document archiving system. Have all your business documents in one place, secured for quick and easy access to authorized users only.

Extensive document search

FMC.DocumentManagement automatically includes all documents (generated by FMC or other systems) sent to third party (clients, partners, regulatory bodies, etc.). It also includes internal documents of special importance (e.g. financial reports) and electronic documents from external systems that are of great importance for business processes.

All documents are subject to an extensive search option, which not only includes document property criteria (type, date, keywords, creator user) but can also search through the complete document content.

Broad range of document properties

Each document can be set up with a broad range of parameter values, allowing system users to mark and find relevant documents in an instant.

Depending on the user’s role, they can access only the latest version of the document, only versions of documents generated by themselves, or the complete set. Administrator users have additional options, such as marking certain documents as deleted (hidden from other users), while they remain in the repository.

Diverse reporting options

Administrators can also review document repository statistics numerically and graphically. This is particularly convenient in repository maintenance planning, where this kind of information is very valuable.

Improve the quality of business processes within the company and meet the highest standards of internal and external audit with the FMC.DocumentManagement system.