FMC.DWHData monetization and data warehousing

FMC.DWH is a modern data warehouse system that enables you to gather your data from various sources and have them ready for further processing or analysis (e.g. with FMC.BI or FMC.KPI systems). FMC.DWH helps you to monetize your data!

Data warehousing

Your data gets time dimension and history tracking, even if the data sources do not contain such information. FMC.DWH is an excellent start for both global OLAP processing or specific data mart managing.

Data monetization

Do you plan to analyze investment trends? What kind of products do your clients prefer? What are the most profitable products? Which department is performing the best and why? Who are your the most efficient employees?

We can unite data from all of your heterogeneous systems into a single FMC.DWH. Now you are ready to get your questions answered! Monetize your data and tap to this underused source of revenue!