FMC.Limitlimit management system with integrated "what-if" calculations

FMC.Limit is a flexible solution that enables you to define and monitor internal and legal portfolio limits.

Legal restrictions can be defined for a particular set of financial instruments, financial instrument type and/or for a particular type of portfolio. The maximum and minimum limits can be a percentage of assets or other fixed value. With this flexible application, limit monitoring now saves time and resources.

Limit monitoring and reporting

When the limit groups and limits are set, you can analyse the what-if scenarios of how market conditions affect your selected portfolios in regards to limits and constraints. You can also speculate with quantity changes by simulating trading orders. The system will immediately calculate and display the impact of constraints and the value of the entire fund. If the simulation satisfies the desired constraints, the user can immediately create a trading order and send it to the broker or middle office for confirmation (depending on internal procedures).