FMC.ReportingStudio is a modern, state of the art, centralized reporting system that enables you to collect and connect data from various and heterogeneous data systems, to quickly create even the most complicated reports.

Once set, the resulting report data can be exported to predefined template views or through fully customizable data views within the application.

Full administration

Manage your data sources, report methodologies, reports, executions, roles and users, all from a single application.

FMC.ReportingStudio treats individual reports as a reporting project. All relevant information related to the reporting project are maintained by a report administrator.

FMC.ReportingStudio manages different roles in the system through user roles, with distinctions for administrative users, power users and read-only users; all fully integrated with the domain security system.

Flexible report and controlling setup

User-defined methodologies determine how individual fields in reports are calculated and are able to calculate intermediate results, which can be used during further processing, making the individual methodology easier to define by business users. In addition to manual definition, definitions can also be imported.

When a new report is designed, you can view, define and modify the grouping levels, descriptions and codes used in the report.

You can also define the controlling conditions which will check the accuracy of the report results.


Customizable reports on the go

One of the major challenges today is to produce ever-changing reports in an optimized and timely fashion. Besides report complexities, often created using a number of different systems, data collection and connections can impose additional risks and delays in report generation.

With FMC.ReportingStudio you can easily adapt to new reporting requirements and data vendor changes over the years.