FMC.SalesManagementcreating and tracking direct marketing tasks

FMC.SalesManagement is a complete marketing and sales management system designed to cover all activities needed to organise sales campaigns and manage client relationships.

FMC.SalesManagement resides on the FMC platform, so it can be conveniently added to any FMC.System application where you require a special Sales Reporting module and a customizable filter to retrieve relevant information about your clients or to find a target client group. It can also serve as a stand-alone application with data connectors to your data systems, where data used in sales management are collected from your (various) data source(s).

Sales assignments and feedback analysis

Using this central sales system, your departments can create new campaigns, find the relevant data to create them, and obtain information about past campaigns.

With the system’s tracking history, it allows for full control of the workforce and their activities in the call centre (calls, mail or e-mail tasks); their received assignments and gives insight into their productivity results and Client feedback.

Find your sales target

The basic tool that your sales officers will use to create the Sales Management task is a ‘template’. The template actually defines the criteria by which the basic data sources (all Clients) are filtered. Each basic data source can be filtered over data fields or function results defined for that data source. Selected criteria (filters) can be combined in custom ways, to obtain an exact list of target Clients for a new campaign.

Selected target data can be further distributed to management or assigned as tasks to call centre operators in the FMC.CallCenter module, or transferred to any other system where needed. All campaign data (lists, reports, etc.) are stored in the system and remain available for future reference and analysis.

Fully customizable reports

With its full reporting features, you can get all the information you need about sales management activities, in a range of formats. With its powerful scheduling options, get data automatically without the need for user intervention, at your convenience.

Finally, it is important to point out that systems like this allow you to be less sensitive to frequent workforce fluctuations.