FMC.SWIFTintegration with the bank's SWIFT system

FMC.Swift is an application to interconnect your SWIFT system with Back and Front-office systems.

Automate your data flow and automatically process incoming and outgoing messages, with additional control of the four-eyes principle.

No more manual data entry of SWIFT instructions with this application! Allow FMC.Swift to minimize your manual input error margin and to accelerate and expand the daily workflow.

Automatic processing

With support for all standard SWIFT messages, FMC.Swift automatically handles export/import of incoming, outgoing and status SWIFT messages. In predefined time intervals, a subsystem checks for new messages waiting for import or export, and processes them accordingly.

All imported or exported messages and their respective statuses can be reviewed in human readable form in an easy-to-use FMC.Swift interface. The complete SWIFT communication log is saved and ready for inspection.

Comprehensive setup

Even if you work with the most exotic partners on this planet that require special parameters in their SWIFT messaging, you can set each of them up accordingly, through the intuitive FMC.SWIFT template interface.

Set them up once, and all further communication automatically applies their parameters. If needed, each existing template can be changed at any time, providing the most flexible set-up that can last through volatile market changes.


Utilizing the latest technologies available, FMC.SWIFT can easily integrate and connect your SWIFT system with Back and Front Office applications, with added values of the four-eyes principle, full logging, and user friendly extensive set-up of exotic places of settlement.

In FMC.Swift, security rights are granted and administered by the bank IT, thus ensuring the enforcement of all bank corporate standards.

In this day and age, you cannot afford to run your business inefficiently. Let FMC.SWIFT jump in and handle this for you.