FMC.WebPortalweb modules easily integrate into the client's website to provide direct communication with unit holders and unit sale channels

FMC.WebPortal is a custom web solution that allows your Clients, sales agents, or any disconnected business party to view their data (reports, transactions) and/or have the option to enter a (transaction) request that will be immediately and securely forwarded to your data systems.

Such custom web systems, not necessary integrated with the e-banking system, allow for additional freedom and faster communication between you and your Clients. The situations where this solution could be successfully applied are virtually limitless!

Reports and documentation

Personal data, transaction history and confirmations, various reports such as portfolio value, spread, charts, gain/loss calculations, and commercial offers; basically anything that needs to be propagated towards your clients can be performed securely and uniformly using FMC.WebPortal.

Data are securely encrypted, and with scheduled or real time synchronizing options, FMC.WebPortal provides a complete and reliable business experience for your clients and partners.

Business requests

Regardless of whether the request is a business request (of any kind) or a request to edit personal data or change the PIN number, which could be handled by a call centre or client relationship officer, FMC.WebPortal offers unique flexibility in communications with your partners and clients.

Not only do you have the complete request history, you can also monitor and adjust your response time accordingly, and gain a new level of the client satisfaction index (with all the bonuses that may bring).

Integration and security

The system automatically generates unique username/PIN combinations, pre-formatted for printing on PIN envelopes. It can also automatically process PIN change requests issued by users and prepares them for re-sending.

The data on the public server and the data transmitted over the public network are secured with encryption algorithms, ensuring that FMC.WebPortal complies with your highest security standards.