FMC.BackOfficea complete back-office solution

FMC.BackOffice is an enterprise-level platform that automates processes in the bank’s back-offices.

FMC.BackOffice integrates with existing bank systems and provides the ability to adjust workflow in a time-effective and cost-efficient way. Data flow between departments; n-eye principle, data versioning and comprehensive audit log are just a few of the many features that enable optimal and secure operation.


FMC.BackOffice significantly decreases manual processing, reduces the number of helper tools and centralizes controlling and reporting mechanisms, thus reducing risks and providing higher processing throughput.

It supports back-office activities and processing based on a single platform, where each individual module can be implemented independently from others, providing greater flexibility from both the cost and functionality perspectives.

Rich and intuitive interface

It offers a modern and intuitive user interface, making the system easy to learn and easy to use. Many activities are automated through scheduled jobs or on-request, while business flow can be easily consolidated, even among departments.

Shared data is entered only once and used by all users, making data exchange with other systems and applications (Excel, Word) easy and secure.

Integration and extensions

FMC.BackOffice provides a high level of interoperability and true integration between various systems and technologies, enabling automated processes, reducing risks and increasing processing throughput.

It implements SOA through the use of Web Services and Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), but also utilizes other industry-standard communication methods, such as queuing systems, middleware databases, file transfer and more.