FMC.Custodyan all-you-need business solution for your custody and depository services

FMC.Custody is the all-you-need business solution for your custody and depository services.

Handle all your investment funds and assets in custody client portfolios in one place.

With the most flexible fee definition system, you can tailor your income from custody and depository services in line with market conditions, the client’s portfolio structure, and service type. With the support of automatic invoice calculation and creation, you can introduce your services to the market in no time.

Complete portfolio management

There is nothing that FMC.Custody does not do. It covers the complete business process, including but not limited to: security and cash transactions (subscriptions, investments, maturities, redemptions, etc.), bulk financial instrument valuation through various methods, registration and evidence of unit transactions performed via financial instruments and cash accounts, full corporate action management with automatic dispersion over Client portfolios, collateral management, investment limitation calculations and warnings, ticket sending by e-mail, bookings, payments, etc.

Everything that can be automated is, to support the complete data flow for the process (e.g., payment and order import/export through different channels).

Booking, payment and reporting

All daily valuations are done in bulk and automatically, including real time transfer to the bank’s General Ledger.

Payment processing (import/export), through the SWIFT system for example, is completely automated, with additional options for set up of special SWIFT parameters for exotic places of settlement.

The full-scale reporting system includes all necessary internal reporting, Client reporting and reporting towards regulatory bodies (security commission, central bank, etc.), all compliant with local legislation and regulations.


Fully customizable, users can tailor their work space within the application according to their duties, authorization level and speed of use.

With the FMC.Custody integrated authorization system, you can divide your depository and custody departments if necessary, or enforce the four-eyes principle where needed.

Both modular and supported by a full-scale integration module, FMC.Custody can connect to external information systems and the bank’s internal systems, including (but not limited to): core, general ledger, reporting, payment and SWIFT systems.