FMC.Loansa complete solution to support all your interbank loans

Standard, syndicated, revolving loans and deposits in various currencies can all be managed with this application.

Extensively parameterized, it automates all the necessary calculations: interest, exchange rate difference, amortization plans and daily bookings to the General Ledger.

Optimized and automated to the greatest possible extent, the solution handles unnecessary manual tasks to free up your personnel resources.

Flexible and useful

Like other FMC solutions, this is designed to handle information instantly and with a maximum degree of flexibility. Users can set up the application for themselves, so it presents only the data they need to work with, in the most suitable manner for them. All data entry forms are logically divided into wizard steps with extensive validation, so data is entered quickly, and entry errors are minimised.

All result sets can be organized, filtered, sorted and grouped (immediately showing subtotal calculations), and copied to Excel as presented on the screen. On-the-fly reports have never been so fast.

Booking and payment

Having loan business processes and special circumstances in mind, FMC.Loans also allows for the manual edit of automatically calculated data, where necessary.

All automatically created booking documents are transferred to the bank’s General Ledger in real time, automatically and transparent to the end user through the range of visual indicators. Payment transactions are imported for additional reporting purposes (instalment confirmation), while payment orders can be sent to the bank’s payment system to settle due payables.


With its integrated authorization system, FMC.Loans immediately conforms to your corporate security standards.

Modularly designed and utilizing the latest technologies available, FMC.Loans supports full integration with external information systems (i.e. import of interbank exchange rates), and the bank’s internal systems, including (but not limited to): core, general ledger, reporting and payment systems.