FMC.Treasurya complete business solution to support your treasury department

Reallocate your valued resources to where you need them most, and avoid wasting them on mundane matters. With this application, daily treasury management can be completed within a few hours at most, and all work is as automated as possible.

FMC.Treasury supports all financial instruments and their various valuation methods, with added options for internal code books used in booking and reporting. The financial instrument calculation properties are automated wherever possible (i.e. bond amortization plan and coupon characteristics).

Transactions and booking

Daily transactions are entered within minutes. With automatic calculation of the settlement and payment amounts and accrued interest, according to the static data parameters specified for the instrument, the order is ready for booking into the general ledger in no time. Applied against investment limitations, they are monitored to comply with internal portfolio management strategies and legislative regulations.

Daily bookings for the complete portfolio are prepared according to International Accounting Standards and internal booking schemes. They are generated at the click of a button, and sent to Bank’s General Ledger.


FMC.Treasury is a multi-language system with extensive parameterization, allowing it to enforce all necessary local legislative regulations.

With extensive reporting options, you get all you need from the system, including internal reports in various formats and official reports required by government institutions (security commission, central bank, etc.)

Reports can be delivered automatically according to authorization level, with support for per-report scheduling.


With its integrated authorization system, FMC.Treasury can easily conform to your corporate security standards.

Modularly designed and utilizing the latest technologies available, FMC.Treasury supports full integration with external information systems and internal bank systems, including (but not limited to): core, general ledger, reporting, payment and document management systems.

Apply your resources where you need them most, and leave the repetitive tasks to us.